DIY Kits

Aarora Gardening kits are the best way to start home gardening. They include everything you need to start your own home garden. They are essential to making gardening easy for starters and children both.
Our curated Garden Kits make growing fresh vegetables, herbs or flowers extremely easy.
Perfect for an urban gardener, our Garden Kits get you started with your very own home gardening journey.
Putting together all you need, we provide seeds, pots and soil so that everything is available in one place.
From vegetables with herbs, microgreens to flowers, hand-pick what you want to grow from our range.
Grow your own vegetables, herbs and flowers easily!
These DIY kits contain all the things necessary to start growing your own plants. Its a fun DIY activity for both kids and adults.

Our Aarora Garden Kit Contains the below mentioned accessories.
Coir Fibre Cups, Seed Germination cup, Jute Bags, Fabric Bags, HDPE bags Seeds (Fruits / Vegetables) Organic Compost & Organic Manure Coco peat, Coco disc, Coco Coins



Coir Fibre Cups
Grow healthier plants faster with Fiber Grow seed cups - the new environmentally friendly alternative to peat based pot


Seed Germination cup
Easily bio-degradable & Used for growing indoor-outdoor small plants.


Jute Bags
Cost effective and cheaper than plastic and paper bags. Strong and can carry more weight as compared to promotional carry bags.


Organic Compost & Organic Manure
Organic manure provides all the nutrients that are required by plants but in limited quantities which also helps to maintain C:N ratio and increases the fertility and productivity


Coco Coins
Improve water retention, aeration and decrease the risk of the soil fungus and root diseases. Mix in soil at 25/75 ratio. It can also be used as a mulch around garden plants to help the soil retain moisture and prevent weed growth.

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